Well, hopefully. It all depends on whether or not I’m tech savvy enough to successfully do it. Unfortunately it costs money to own this domain name, and since VD doesn’t bring in any revenue and is now only being produced sporadically we can’t really justify the expense. So I’ll try to incorporate this site with my personal one (www.peterfairfax.com) over the next few weeks. Whatever the case, our hosting expires at the end of this month, so after that you probably won’t find anything at this address. We’ll continue to post updates on our Facebook page, so that will be the best place to get the new address once the site has moved – www.facebook.com/ValentinesDei

As usual, we apologise for the lengthy hiatus. Thankfully Sammi’s PhD is finally finished, so with a bit of luck she’ll be able to get back to writing. I’ve just started drawing chapter 6. Hopefully we can build some momentum and keep it going.

Many thanks to those who still check in occasionally. Thanks for waiting 🙂