‘Dominique Valentine is a private detective. She has the tobacco haze to prove it. Domonique’s monologue narrates much of the story so far, and she has a modern noir sort of style. The world she lives in is one which has been changed by science- enhancements are readily available to those who wish to make themselves more physically perfect or capable. Everything is just a bit easier. Valentine is organic- unenhanced. And her current job is to find a girl who ran away from home, out into the crumbling world. Part mystery, part social commentary, cool art style and interesting story!’
-DrunkDuck Webcomic Feature, 7th June 2010

‘The most striking feature of the comic, however, is the art style. Flying in the face of convention, the comic is done in pencil and watercolours. No inking at all. The result is a visually gritty image that perfectly compliments the decaying society presented in the story.’
-Zeroes to Heroes Editorial, November 2010


Written by Sammi Emery and illustrated by Peter Fairfax, Valentine’s Dei is a tip of the hat to the hardboiled detective stories and illustration featuring in the pulp magazines and novels of yesteryear. It has been in production from Feburary 2010 — March 2012 and has returned from hiatus in 2014 to continue from the first four chapters that have been posted

Valentine’s Dei was awarded the 2010 and 2011┬áDrunkDuck award for Best Mystery/Noir during the production of its first chapters.

Peter Fairfax is a Sydney based freelance illustrator specialising in comic book illustration and Art Nouveau.

Sammi Emery is a Sydney based part-time writer currently a PhD student studying parasitology at Macquarie University.