When do you update your comic?

At this point we plan to update on Mondays and Fridays, GMT +11 hours.

What is the rating for the comic?

The comic is rated mature, as it contains drinking, swearing, drug-use, sexual references and violence. You know, the fun stuff.

So how does the division of labour work out?

Sammi is in charge of devising the setting, the characters and the twist and turns of the storyline and writing the comic script. Pete has the hard task of making sense of that script and bringing the words to life and the characters onto paper (or the intrawebz) for your enjoyment.

How long have you been working on this?

We started the basics of this idea around the end of October 2009, and then we spent another quarter of a year simultaneously working on the comic and trying to come up with an original title.

Pete, how do you draw the pages?

My method for this is a little unusual (at least in terms of standard comic book practice). Normally I’d draw everything on 11″ X 17″ pages; either Bristol board, watercolour paper, or cartridge paper.

For this I’m doing the pages on A4 paper. I thought it’d be quicker if I drew smaller. Plus it’s easier to scan with only an A4 scanner!

I use H and 2B pencils. Lamp black and raw umber watercolour. I pencil everything in roughly with the H, then add the colour, then add detail with the 2B. Once the pages are finished I scan them into Photoshop and play with the levels to darken them.

How long does it take to draw the pages?

Too damn long. Maybe a few hours each page, if I don’t fuss over them too much. It varies, depending on content.

Why this style and approach for the comic?

A few of reasons. A while back I was inking an illustration job and my supervisor, watching over my shoulder, said “it’s a shame we can’t preserve your pencils”. That got me thinking, why not? Do comics really need to be inked? Do they really need to look pristine and polished? Cary Nord’s work on ‘Conan’ convinced me they don’t. In fact, those loose pencils retain a lot of energy which would otherwise be lost.

Also, I’m trying to break my perfectionist nature. I tend to fuss over details. Working like this helps, because it’s not supposed to look too finished, so I’m more inclined to just accept it for what it is.

Also, I’m impatient. Doing the pages like this means I get them done faster. (Obviously I put a lot more time and effort into the covers.)

And we think it suits the story and the world it’s set in; particularly Dominique’s attitude and lifestyle.

You seem to be having alot of trouble with the website design, do you need help?

Unfortunately neither I (Sammi) nor Pete are having much luck with the setup of this here site. I don’t know CSS and we don’t have much practice in coding. There also seems to be a limited amount of information about comicpress and wordpress available, and combining our limited expertise and this lack of do-it-yourself walkthroughs, we are doing the best we can. If you are familiar in working with sites like these, and are quite done laughing with our inferior attempts at customisation, do let us know, please. You can contact at SammiEmery_VD@hotmail.com.

Do you know how the story ends?

Sammi does. Pete doesn’t want to know (because it’ll ruin the surprise).

Is the science in Valentine’s Dei real?

Well, I’ve (Sammi) studied biology at University, so I like to think I know my stuff. I also really dislike the incorrect portrayal of scientists and science in books/films/series so I wasn’t keen to put anything in the webcomic that was completely bereft of scientific merit, or plausibility. So while I’ve gone and created alot of science in Valentine’s Dei in terms of the enhancements and the procedures offered by the Pantheon company, I’ve drawn on known theories and knowledge from disciplines like physiology, neurobiology, microbiology and (of course) alot of genetics. So while I doubt the science could happen now, when I feel like giving into my wild insane urges for mad scientistry I’ll know where to start.

Is Dominique single?

Yes. She’s often looking for a meaningful overnight relationship, though her long-term on and off boyfriend is a one Jack Daniels.

Is Valentine’s Dei available in print?

Yep! Books are available to purchase online at www.indyplanet.us/brand/shroomcomics/

We also sell them at some conventions around Sydney, Australia. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates (www.facebook.com/ValentinesDei). For further enquiries regarding book sales we can be contacted via email at pete@peterfairfax.com or SammiEmery_VD@hotmail.com

[If you have any more questions not seen here, feel free to send them for thorough discussion and evaluation!]