(As they appear in the Comic)

Character Portrait Information

Affiliation: None
Profession: Private Detective
Enhancements: Organic
First Appearance: Prologue, Page 2


Enter Dominique Valentine. A smoking, drinking,
swearing, sassy, pint-sized private investigator,
with more bumps and bruises than she remembers
ever getting. With a degree in delinquency,
debauchery and danger this spitfire detective has
suffered enough violence and bigotry for several
lifetimes and won’t let anyone forget it.
Armed with little more than a flashlight, her
notepad and a personality with more bristles
than an overstuffed broom, this detective
has a case to solve, and there’s a lot standing
in her way.



Affiliation: None
Profession: Unknown
Enhancements: Basic Enhancements, Hestia
First Appearance: Chapter 1, Page 7

A quiet, humble and caring woman, Lynette Owen
is Dominique’s new employer. She has charged
the private detective with the task of finding
her lost daughter, who appears to have run
Lynette seems to share (at
least in part) Dominique’s distance from
the social pressures and lifestyle imposed
by Pantheon and their enhancements. Although
she is not ‘organic’ like Dominique, she has
shunned the Grecian lifestyle and aesthetic and
disapproves of the thoughtless obsession with
human augmentation.


Affiliation: None
Profession: Student
Enhancements: Last Known as Unenhanced
First Appearance: Chapter 1, Page 12


Meet Lara-Marie Owen, the young vivacious daughter
of Lynette Owen who has mysteriously disappeared
after an argument with her mother over being
a recipient of augmentations from Pantheon.
She is described as an enthusiastic girl by her
mother and a brilliant academic by the headmistress
of her school. Her unprecedented ongoing absence
worries her mother, who seeks out Dominique’s
aid in locating her.

Ms Ariel West


Affiliation: Persephone High School, Athena Cult
Profession: Headmistress
Enhancements: Athena Cult Member
First Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 5

Ms Ariel West runs Persephone’s High School, notorious for permitting (even encouraging) many of its students to pursue enhancements. She herself is a member of the Athena cult and is a highly intellectual individual. She kindly agreed to see Dominique Valentine to aid in her investigations for Lara-Marie Owen.

Ms West is objective and logical, and appears cool and impassive. Persephone’s is popular with its students and well known for its high academic standards within the community.



Affiliation: Endymion Estate, Artemis Cult
Profession: Leader of Endymion Estate
Enhancements: Artemis Cult Member
First Appearance: Chapter 3, Page 26

‘Selune’ is both the leader, in terms of rank and philosophy, of Endymion Estate – a walled-off refuge for enhanced members who follow the Artemis Cult. As enhancements for Artemis members involve augmentations geared towards physically, mentally and physiologically altering the person towards a totem animal, Selune bears the appearance of a doe.

She believes that Artemis members represent the biological and genetic pioneers of Pantheon enhancements and that the cult is under threat from less brutal genetic transformations as seen in Ares, Athena and Aphrodite elite cults. As a result she has taken on an ‘end justifies the means’ approach to ensure the survival of her cult and children no matter the cost…


Affiliation: Lethe Club, Dionysus Cult
Profession: Songbird of Lethe, Club Co-Owner
Enhancements: Dionysus Cult Member
First Appearance: Chapter 4, Page 21


Belladonna is the stage name of a prominent Dionysus member Belle, whose sweet and smooth voice soothes and seduces Lethe patrons nightly. She owns half of Lethe, but has grown disenchanted with the Dionysus lifestyle and shows contempt for their ‘blood rituals’. She is bold and hedonistic, and impulsive and audacious and shows a thinly-veiled, deep-set attraction for one Dominique Valentine